Silvia Belis

* 1983

Artist, Illustrator, stagedesigner and curator

Since 2014, the author has dedicated herself almost exclusively to her own woodworking, drawing and running the Ve Věži gallery and café. In addition to visual art activities, her great passion is singing. She currently pursues singing Slavic multi-vocal songs with the Milánosz band (
Wooden objects are crafted using the techniques of marquetry (creating images by fitting and gluing together veneers of various colours and structures) and incrustation (inserting wooden or stone components into wood). These traditional techniques are conceived in an original manner, not merely as a decorative or ornamental element of artwork. The artist puts her ideas and thoughts into the images in the form of dream landscapes, natural beings or abstract visions. These images, arising from the recesses of the subconscious, have surrounded her since birth, creating a fantastic inner world that is always subtly impinging on everyday reality.

Wood is a natural medium for the visualisation of these inner images. Natural material inspires the author by its structure and radiates energy that encourages imagination and often reveals a path to crafting.

The author also occasionally cooperates as a stage designer with the directors Karel Král (V Dlouhé Theatre, Dejvické Theatre, Na zábradlí Theatre) and Linda Dušková, as well as with the Svět a divadlo magazine as an illustrator.


Secondary Graphic Art School and College of Graphic Art in Prague – study field Graphic Design and Book Illustration

Institute of Art and Design in Pilsen – study field Book Illustration

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Bachelor’s degree study at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, study field Stage Design, head of studio MgA. Pavel Kalfus

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Master’s degree study and graduation at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, study field Stage Design, head of studio MgA. Tomáš Žižka


Mánes Gallery in Prague: Orbis pictus - Play interactive installation "Environmental Perspectives" at the exhibition (in cooperation with Petr Nikl & co.)

Austria: OÖ Kulturquartier Linz interactive installation at the exhibition Labyrinth of Senses

Ve Věži Gallery: Images from under the Bark (solo exhibition)
2016 - 2017
National Museum of Agriculture in Prague: recykLES installation at the interactive exhibition in cooperation with Tomáš Žižka and Václav Kynský on the theme of the forest and stories of trees

August 2016

U zlatého kohouta Gallery in Prague
October 2016

Café  Frida (solo exhibition); Prague


Forest Spirit – site specific installation on the theme of Ch. Morgenstern’s poetry – Skupa’s Pilsen (Jižní předměstí)
Mimotaurus Theatre: Where happiness grows; stage design and puppets for the puppet performance

Pixy – stage design, puppets and costumes for the theatre play combining  drama and puppet theatre on the theme of M. Andersson’s comic book, Disk Theatre
Realization of the site specific project Move house at the Czech Centre in New York on the theme of Czech emigration to America
Orbis Pictus – Play accompanying programme of  Manhattan Fishing, Mánes Gallery
from 2010

artwork for the children’s puppet theatre Krasohled (acting, stage design, art workshops)

Histeria 2011 Festival – preparation of the visual part of the site specific festival aimed at music and all forms of outdoor theatre in Slovenia

Streetcar Named Desire – creating the scene and costumes, South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice; directed by Adam Rut
Problem (Jumping Out of One’s Skin) – comic scenic draft & puppet drama, creating the scene and puppets, text author: Zuza Ferenczová; directed by: Karel Král, V Dlouhé Theatre
Absinth – creating the scene and promotion materials, Disk Theatre; directed by Linda Dušková

Histeria 2012 Festival – preparation of the visual part of the site specific festival aimed at music and all forms of outdoor theatre in Slovenia

Bankruptcy Carousel – stage design for the author’s reading; text author: Csaba Czékely, Christian Lollike; directed by Karel Král, Dejvické Theatre

I’m Leaving Twice – creating the scene and costumes for Eat That Frog, a festival of French theatre in Prague; directed by Linda Dušková



since 2010 – creating illustrations for the Svět a divadlo magazine
Promotion materials for the International Aliquot Choir and the Krasohled Theatre
since 2015 – comics preparation in cooperation with the psychotherapist Kasia Kordylewska