recykLES - the stories of the wooden worlds

A new unique experiential exhibition with an interesting artistic intent where, in addition to the recycling of material, the recycling of thoughts and stories is discussed by the authors of the concept, stage designer Tomáš Žižka and forester Václav Kinský. Besides an experienced team of authors, namely the duo of New York artists Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen and the musician Vladimír Václavek, new visual artists introduce themselves, including Silvie Gajdošíková-Belis, lightdesigner Dmitri Berzon ( and others.


On 17 June 2016, the art group “mamapapa” opened to the public the follow-up to the successful series of forest-themed experiential exhibitions.

The visitors will experience a journey through forest worlds, reaching the heart and soul of all forests through a short forest year amidst time standing still. And at the sound of forest seeds in a sylvan horologio falling down from the fertile crown of a mythical tree, the storytellers will set out on a playful journey to places where mysterious forces give their own instructions to the energy of the entire forest world, contained in the pods of fruits and seeds of forest trees, in the rhythm of an eternal cycle.

Come and experience captivating stories of forest worlds, hidden under the shell of the National Museum of Agriculture, where “recykLES” attains new renaissance shapes and forms.

The exhibition is accessible only with a storyteller – guide at a designated time (according to the timetable displayed at the reception).
The guided tour can be ordered at the e-mail address: